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David Helpling "IN"

I've been a fan of David's for many years now. He has been among the select few greats that have shaped my own sound since the very beginning of my own journey. So I can say with total honesty that his previous album Rune has been my all time favorite of his. Free Dive from Rune really transported me to new dimensions and I consider one of the best pieces of ambient world building of all time.

However... with his soon to be released IN album on April 15th, he has most definitely raised the bar to the stratosphere and beyond! Everything about this album, from the absolutely stunning artwork to the sonic environments crafted with absolute precision, elevate this to a level beyond what us mere mortals hope to achieve. This is inspired work crafted by a true master of his craft, and in my opinion, sets the bar for everyone else to follow, including the greats that influenced it!

The first single to be released from IN was Waves Dream of Breaking. Before I heard a note from it, I was struck by the title and what it could mean. What a fun and interesting turn of phrase to start the album off with! It immediately sets the creative mind loose to wander and dream while the music plays, giving you a platform to really launch from.

The next single he released from the album was This Burning Sky featuring one of the most amazing vocalist I've heard, Nidhi Bhatmuley. Again, the chosen title and music continues the breathtaking creative journey we embarked on earlier, and gives it wings as we sour into the heavens. What I love most about this song is it reminds me so much of some of the biggest influences of my youth: Enigma, Deep Forest, and Delerium. It is Epic Ethno Ambient at its finest!

The full album is scheduled to be released April 15th 2022, which is just a few days away!

"These are the melodies and sounds of a child still dreaming and of a man finding endless wonder in the tiniest of places. There are sites where one square inch of forest holds a world of color and life. And complex scenes laid out near the water's edge which inspire so much in David. Peering in to this macro world is at the heart of every piece on the record. The fullness of the concept takes us inward within ourselves and sitting in stillness with the beauty of the self."

For fans of:

Patrick O'hearn, Enigma, Ryan Farish, Erick Wollo, Amethystium, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Steve Roach, Ulrich Schnauss, Tony Anderson, Hammock, Thom Brennan, Michael Stearns, 7and5, Brian Eno, Saint of Sin, and many more in the Ambient, Chillout, World, Electronica genres

Find David's Profile page here on Blackett Music as well

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