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Welcome to the world of music and sound frequencies!

My name is Lucas Michalski, music is my world, my path... I bring considerable 20+ years as a guitarist, composer and musician, my wealth of experience and passion for music. After a long journey as a guitarist in many different bands I decided to start my own solo project which is slightly different from the music I used to play for last years. Then I didn`t stop there.... Few years ago I started LUMIC Studio which finally became my day job as a sound and mixing engineer.

What is LUMIC Studio?

LUMIC Studio is a fully equipped professional Audio Production & Mixing/Mastering studio to help you elevate your music to new levels.

We`re all artists deep down. LUMIC Studio, thanks to its professionalism , experience and providing the best sound possible, helps to emphasize all aspects of your sound and helps you elevate your music to new levels. Providing the best and the most professional service possible to all clients, LUMIC Studio is always welcoming new and existing clients. Every client is always the biggest value being also the key element of the business. This was, is and always will be the priority. Why choose anyone else?

While working for dozens of truly amazing artists the biggest achievement of LUMIC Studio is working with Ran Ballard, LA based producer/engineer who in 90s worked with names like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Eric Clapton (to name a few).

While being mentored by Ran and developing the craft of audio engineering under his wing for quite a long time, LUMIC Studio had an opportunity to re-master one Michael Jackson and two Janet Jackson songs. (this specific portfolio is only available on request).

Doing work on this material for Ran and having an opportunity to work on the material of biggest names in music history, definitely gives a firm an edge over what others in the field are offering. If you have music you truly care for and want to give it the edge of iconic artists, LUMIC Studio should be your first choice.

LUMIC Studio apart from offering mixing/mastering services also offers custom/exclusive guitar samples/loops/riffs/songs for clients. Thanks to 20+ years of experience as a guitarist, all guitar samples are recorded to client`s specific requirements to fulfill all musical needs and to add the tone and touch to any production

As I always try something different, in my own I blend two worlds of rock guitars and atmospheric electronic music, trying to create and capture my own style and own unique sound. By working full throttle I always keep on working on new music, hoping to create enjoyment for my listeners and hoping to bring some emotions and value.

Here, in this blog I would like to invite everyone to the new blog where I will share deep (and useful I hope...) knowledge of Mixing and Mastering plus other relevant subjects surrounding music production. I also plan to run some Q&A in the future as well and more importantly hope we all have some music fun here!

You can always email me either just to say hello or book you mixing session:

Lucas/LUMIC Studio

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