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Social Media Mention Preferences

manage your mention preferences below

Official artist handles & artist associations with particular playlists are considered publicly available information.  Curators and members on this site are encouraged to share content, such as playlists, on social media and to @ mention the artists when they do.  As a recipient of these @ mentions, there are two levels of protection in place to shield you from spam.  First, when we share content from our official accounts, we exclude all @ handles that do not follow our accounts.  This prevents our automated systems from spamming artists that aren't even aware we exist.  Second, we provide this page to help you limit or expand your @ mentions when content generated by our system is being shared by us or others. 


Enter your social media @ handle in the search box below, then change your settings as desired. These controls are available for every artist and you do not need to be a member of this site to use them.  All actions are logged for security and quality control.

Please @ mention me when
I want more!
Please also include my @ handle in these situations
Any included @ mentions are randomly chosen for each post
I want nothing!
Do not @ mention me


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